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forks Y-EA)( by Orangelargh

Okay, I will say it: This is a very good depiction of Meenah Peixes (?). You had it historically accurate, it's how I can see Meenah. Secondly, I love the symbolism. I see the shadow of the 2x-Spearkind 'stabbing' the blue colour while dodging the royal purple and lower purple classes. As well, the real object looks to be stabbing into the red class. It can show how she dreams to cull the lowbloods and also how she killed everyone to keep them alive (Ironic wording, but it works.)

You flowed her personality into the picture well. I can see the chilling grin that you gave her, almost a certainty of her next move. Her clothes are exactly how they were in Homestuck, and her hair is great. My only problem is you over-exaggerated the ear-fins. Everyone has their own style, but they seem over-done.

I also love the contrast of colour that you did on the Staff. It gets duller and less-detailed as you go down, but that's a good effect. It gives a contrast between what is closer and farther away.
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Orangelargh Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Thanks so much for the critique! honestly, i wasn't going for any symbolism, but i do like your interpretation of it :)
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